As specialists for customized solutions, we also realize valves with customer-specific fastening options, among other things. These often arise due to the application, which requires a special mounting method of the valve, or also due to a 1-to-1 replacement of an existing product, where the mounting should also be identical to the original valve. An example of this is a special variant of our Type 15 valve with a machined brass body and solid M5 mounting holes with a spacing of 20mm.

Demand for valves with side mounting holes with a diameter of approx. 5.3mm and a spacing of 37mm is also very frequent. This mounting variant allows the valve to be mounted flat to a housing wall, provided that the installed solenoid coil does not exceed the width of the valve body. In the following customer project, we have implemented these specifications skilfully and elegantly, with the brass valve body even being realized as a pressed part. Since the coil with a width of only 29mm is shorter than the valve body with a width of only 31mm, our valve allows mounting in series with other valves or mounting flat to a housing wall. Other realizations of valves with the same mounting pattern are already available in aluminum.

The variant system of SVS-Automation can also be used with this valve body variant and allows the realization of 2/2- or 3/2-way functions with different sealing materials, coils, nominal widths, etc.

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