Complete valves – modules – components – individual parts

The SVS kit system makes it possible to purchase not only complete and tested valves, but also valves without coils, solenoid systems or the smallest individual parts from a purchase quantity of just 1 piece.    

In the case of complete valves with and without coils, delivery always includes a 100% functional test. If a solenoid valve is ordered without a coil, it can then be fitted with a suitable coil by the customer. On request, we can also complete the valve with a suitable coil connector plug.

In addition to complete valves and finished custom solutions, we also complete these into finished and already tested modules and integrate other components provided by the customer, such as pressure sensors or electronics, at the customer’s request.       

It is also possible to purchase components such as complete solenoid systems in order to integrate them into the customer’s own design. If possible or requested by the customer, an initial test of these components is also carried out. Another option is the production of customer-specific components, whereby the design is specified by the customer and the desired output tests are defined together. As always production is carried out with the know-how, quality awareness and well-known care of SVS-Automation.

Individual parts for our valves, from the valve body or solenoid coil to the smallest spring, can also be purchased, regardless of whether they are spare parts for an SVS valve or a customer development. Customized solutions are also available for individual parts and enable, for example, the supply of spare parts for solenoid cores that are no longer available.

SVS-Automation therefore not only enables the purchase of complete valves and custom solutions, but also the supply of components and individual parts.