Similar to electronic integrated circuits many functions and components in hydraulic and pneumatic circuits can also be concentrated in a single metal body. It is up to the user to decide which functions and components should be integrated into the intended circuit and which components belong to the external periphery. The variety of components that can be installed in an integrated circuit is almost unlimited. Usually components are chosen because they are best suited for such an integration, are to be accommodated in a space-saving manner and mostly cause an undesired tubing effort or require the use of nipples, adapters and hoses.

Finally, the integration of several components into a single product results in a space-saving solution, which usually reduces the amount of tubing required and the number of potential points for leaks. As an additional advantage, the customer receives a tailor-made product that can be easily installed and removed and, as a finished component, provides those functions that usually can only be achieved by the complex interconnection of many individual components.

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