Media-separated valves are used where, apart from the valve body and the so-called separation membrane, no other parts may come into contact with the medium.

This permanently protects the parts of the electromagnetic drive (guide tube, magnetic pole, magnetic core and spring) from aggressive liquids and gases and, on the other hand, prevents mechanical blocking by particles that get stuck in the gap between the guide tube and magnetic core.

Another reason for using media-separated valves can be the simplification of cleaning and thus special hygiene requirements. These increased requirements are particularly required when used in the food industry and for medical devices.

Media-separated means that the medium flowing through does not come into contact with the materials of the solenoid system, only with the valve body and sealing element.

Therefore only the valve body and the seal medium must be selected media resistent.

not media-separated

We offer solenoid systems with media separation for orifices of 1.2mm – 3.5mm.

Our customers can choose between solenoid systems with a magnetic coil for installation in their own application or complete solenoid valves.

solenoid system media-separated
solenoid valve media-separated

The material for the valve body can be chosen according to customer requirements. Among other things, brass, aluminum, V2A, V4A, PEEK and much more are available to select. We also offer surface finishing such as anodizing, nickel plating or chemical nickel plating.

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