A difficult issue, especially for retailers, is the purchase of packaging units for items that are usually only very rarely on demand. Examples include valves for oxygen applications, which must be free of oil and grease, or valves with Atex components. Atex valves in particular are usually not kept in stock by customers due to the high price and are only ordered if needed. A retailer usually does not have this option and has to order a packaging unit of e.g. 25 pieces of this valve, in order to then sell 1 or 2 pieces of it. The rest of the purchased goods then lie in the warehouse as expensive goods and, in the worst possible case, have to be disposed if Atex regulations change before the next possible sale.

We at SVS-Automation have taken on this topic and also supply our dealers with Atex valves from a purchase of 1 piece. Atex versions are always used when sources of ignition must be avoided at all costs. A feature of explosion-protected equipment is that it does not ignite an explosive atmosphere at the place of use when operating within the permissible parameter limits. Since electrical machines always represent a potential source of ignition, the aim of explosion protection measures is to prevent them from becoming an effective source of ignition. The following type series are available as Atex variants, for which a separate category will be created in the new catalogue. To do this, we use coils for zones 1 and 21 for our guide tubes with a diameter of 9mm and 14.5mm. Coil-connector combinations for zones 2 and 22 are also available as a more cost-effective variant for the guide tubes with a diameter of 9mm.