Pinch valves impress with their simplicity and their ability to completely separate the parts of the valve from the medium to be transported.


An elastic tube is clamped in a passage housing, a movable pinch body is controlled by an electromagnet in such a way that the tube is pinched when it is actuated (NO version) or allows the medium to flow (NC version). By clamping two tubes at the same time, 3/2-way functions can also be implemented.

➞  Mainly for controlling abrasive, corrosive or hazardous media

➞  Complete separation of the valve parts from the medium ➞  effectively prevents the parts of the valve from being attacked by the medium

➞  Prevents contamination of the medium ➞  important in the food industry and medical applications

➞  Insensitive to media with solid particles, can lead to problems with ordinary solenoid valves, e.g. clogging of the pressure build-up hole.

Typical applications:

➞  Bulk material technology

➞  Suction technology

➞  Dosing systems

➞  Etc.


➞  No redirection of the medium

➞  Few movable parts

➞  Reliable Sealing

➞  Easy change of seal (tube)

SVS-Automation supplies tailor-made special solutions that precisely meet the wishes and requirements of our customers in this area as well.

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