Valve type: 2/2 way

Valve size: G3/8 to G1

Valve function: NC, NO

Switching type: directly controlled

Sealing: Elastomer sealing (NBR, FKM, EPDM, special material according to customer requirements)

In addition to the option of controlling media valves electromagnetically, there is also a non-electric version with a pneumatic valve drive. This may be necessary if, for example, there is no power supply or in applications with high explosion protection requirements.The media valve is opened or closed by a pneumatic cylinder, which uses compressed air to open (NC) or close (NO) a seal carrier. The installed cylinder can be either single-acting with a pressure spring or double-acting, depending on the customer’s application. The valve housings in brass or stainless steel are used both for solenoid valves and for the pneumatically controlled valves. This means that the customer can freely choose between the two control types with the same installation length.

If the medium is too impure for a solenoid valve, for example because particles are being conveyed, a pneumatically controlled valve is the better choice. There are no pilot nozzles and dead spaces that can become contaminated.

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